Thursday, 3 May 2012

A practical guide to beautiful Barbados for Crop Over - Sweet fuh days!

*Cash and Currency*

US is widely accepted, although a 2:1 rate should be the guide, the Bajan dollar is changed for approximately 1.98 at most banks. It's worth getting some Bajan money!
Bureau de Change is at the Airport on Arrivals.

*Getting around*

Nowhere in Barbados is far :)
If you will be doing a lot of moving around, it is best to rent a car, this should be arranged in advance. Maps and guides are usually available in your hotel.

Many events take place around the vicinity of Bridgetown aka 'town'.  Foreday morning/jouvert is along Spring Garden Highway.

Public transport is safe and easy also, with a $2BDS fare, if you're not going far hop on a bus (with exact change) or ZR van (aka maxi taxi). Don't be afraid to ask the driver if you don't know where you're going- Bajans don't bite!
Some event locations:
Frazzled is at Kensington Oval, right on the edge of town
Bathsheba Experience is on the East Coast, in the parish of St. Joseph.
Casa Blanca is a Farley Hill, in the North, St. Peter.
Scorch is on the Jolly Roger boat, any cruises usually leave from the vicinity of town as well.
Bliss is a bit further North on the West Coast, St. James.
Sozzled leaves from Carlisle Bay, St. Michael.

The Bathsheba Experience recommends the company Andrews Transport 1246 822-8007 for transport there.
TrpleF may also be arranging a bus from the South Coast. Also, for Casa Blanca, limited availability - organised by Chris John.


*Phone service *
Unlock your phone before leaving. Especially Blackberry. A local sim card costs approx $25BDS, and data service for one week $10BDS. For those of you in the South Coast, Quayside Centre opposite Accra Beach has a LIME outlet.

*Restaurants and Bars*

While it is Crop Over weekend, you may have free time and want to check out some Bajan liming spots. St. Lawrence Gap is the old standby, with the stretch of the South Coast road from Worthing to Hastings being chock full of eating and drinking places. So too on the West Coast - Holetown especially. Try the CafĂ© Italia outlets for free Wi-Fi.


The duty-free market is a huge advantage to being in Barbados. Everything from designer jewellery, watches, makeup, handbags and clothing can be purchased here at excellent prices.

The South and West Coasts are full of duty free shops, as is town. It is worth visiting Cave Shepherd, one of the larger stores, for a one-stop shop-highlights include a Victoria’s Secret and MAC store! Authentic Bajan food can also be purchased in one of their two restaurants.


If you are going to be drinking while in Barbados *wink wink* cooler fetes and cruises* then make sure your first stop as you collect your luggage and before you go through Customs is the duty-free shop. In addition to liquor, they carry chocolates, etc. at great prices.

Red caps - These Bajan porters will carry your  luggage for a small fee-tipping is not discouraged either!

Bridgetown market - Make some time to experience local culture with the stalls lining Spring Garden
Highway, soak up some Bajan hospitality before you hit the Highway Monday.

Cohobblopot - is a great showcase of local artists, never mind Machel is 'headlining' *smile* Bajan music at its best the night before jump-up day.

Wadadah - the after jouvert party...message for details on this fun daybreak event

Beach - nuff said

If you haven’t done so, see for Life Lessons…including: Wuking Up, Rum, etc. They’re not lying when they say Barbados is where life was perfected.

Welcome To Crop Over.

Of course, for all your ticket and event info contact: TrpleF Services Tel: 1868-710-7137 BB Pin: 2985E8EE Email: Twitter: @trplef

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